Terms of Service

By using the Serv00.com services, you accept the following regulations

  1. A prerequisite for using Serv00.com services is acceptance of all provisions of these Regulations.
  2. All services available on the Serv00.com website are free.
  3. The accounts and the domain names assigned to them in the form name.serv00.net are the property of Serv00.com. The user may not transfer accounts, sites for the website and domains as well as subdomains to other entities for a fee. The user may transfer the website to another user registered in the service free of charge.
  4. In the case of installing on the user's website software that makes excessive use of Serv00.com server resources, e.g. photo hosting, files, scripts for downloading files from other websites, etc., the website owner reserves the right to block the account.
  5. Serv00.com is not liable for damages resulting from:
      incorrect server use,
      breakdown or occupation of telecommunications connections,
      cataclysms (flood, hurricane, fire, etc.) and the actions of agents or third parties,
      circumstances caused by user's fault, e.g. user's software,
      circumstances arising as a result of non-compliance with the law,
      third-party activities,
      when the user breaks the rules,
      reasons that the Operator did not have, for example due to a hardware failure,
      suspension or cessation of Serv00.com hosting.
  6. It is forbidden to place files used by computer games on websites (the so-called fastdownload).
  7. It is forbidden to place materials inconsistent with Polish law (warez, erotica, p2p) and to store programs for network attacks.
  8. It is forbidden to use Serv00.com servers for purposes other than those related to website hosting, GIT / SVN / HG repositories.
  9. It is prohibited to use the server to conduct network attacks, this type of activity is reported to the police.
  10. Serv00.com creates automatic backups of user data (access through the backups catalog), but it does not guarantee their availability, so it is the responsibility of each user to have their copy in case of problems in the account. Only the account user is responsible for data loss.
  11. By registering an account on Serv00.com you agree to receive information and advertising messages from the owner of Serv00.com website to the e-mail address provided during registration.
  12. A user account that has not been properly logged in by the DevilWEB or SSH panel for a period of 90 days will be automatically removed from the system without the possibility of recovering the data collected on that account.
  13. Serv00.com reserves the right to block or delete data and user accounts without giving a reason.
  14. Serv00.com reserves the right to change these regulations about what it will inform on the forum at https://forum.serv00.com/

Last modified: 2022/07/09